Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
1991 - 1996
Pomona, NJ, United States

Richard Stockton College, located in New Jersey’s environmentally sensitive and scenic Pine Barrens, was developed during the 1970s as a series of linked buildings to either side of a long interior concourse. The entrance to MGA’s building created a new “front door’ to the campus on axis with the concourse. The building accommodates the Arts Department on the north side of the U-shaped plan and the Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences on the south side overlooking a lake. Faculty offices and study rooms face the central courtyard where the studios, classrooms and laboratories look out to the landscape. The exterior of the building is clad in four colors of brick and cast stone: terracotta, ochre, green and blue reflecting the sandy soil, indigenous vegetation and waterways of the Pine Barrens. Consistent with its academic purpose, the project is environmentally sensible and an early example of the use of a geothermal energy source.