University of cinci
1995 - 1996
Cincinnati, OH,

The Engineering Research Center terminates University Avenue, the easternmost approach to the campus, and adjoins engineering facilities at the rear of the sloping site. A public stairway extends through the building to an upper plaza and the library. The plan and massing form several 6-story bays, with the entrance pavilion pulled forward on the University Avenue axis. The brick facades relate to older campus buildings, while the copper-sheathed vaulted roofs, dormers and stacks suggest the program’s industrial nature. Since the building serves graduate-level research, with space assigned based on funding, the plan permits great flexibility. Centrally located wet and dry laboratory modules surround accessible service shafts penetrating the roof. Graduate student offices are located opposite the laboratories, while faculty and department offices and conference rooms are grouped within the entrance pavilion to foster a culture of collaboration. Specialized spaces include a clean room and a lecture hall.