Houston Branch
2002 - 2005
Houston, TX, United States

The Houston Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is both an operating bank and an office building with extensive conference facilities, food service, library, fitness center and a 300-car garage. The office and operational environment emphasizes security, efficiency and team building, providing superior, well-lit working conditions with access to landscaped terraces. Bank processing functions involve sophisticated industrial materials handling using automatic guide vehicles. To maximize sustainability, the project incorporates many green building principles, including re-using a Brownfield site, and use of energy-efficient systems and materials. The functional and symbolic organization of the building is evident in the plans, massing and facades. The exterior, communicating both security and openness, conveys the Bank’s key principles, while the materials and details relate to the Houston context. The glazed tile roof creates a visible presence on the skyline from the adjacent Buffalo Bayou.