1997 - 2002
Brussels, Belgium

During a time when major corporations were relocating to the suburbs, Fortis AG committed to keep its headquarters in Brussels and selected a site at No. 53 Boulevard Emile Jacqmain in the city’s historic core. MGA, selected through a design competition and working with 2 local architects, designed the massing and facades as well as the public interiors. In response to the traditional context, the exterior is reminiscent of typical Belgian facade rhythms, materials and detailing but also presents a new public image for the company. The 112-meter-long facade is articulated as a series of vertical pavilions to offset the large size of the building and relate to pedestrian scale. Terracing back from the street wall, the roof shapes and dormers are characteristic of the neighborhood. A cylindrical tower at the corner of Rue St. Michel formally relates to an adjacent building and features the company’s logotype.