Burbank, CA, United States

The project known as the Team Disney Building consolidated Disney’s corporate offices on one quadrant of the studio lot in Burbank, California following MGA’s 1985 master plan for the property. The program included a 350,000-SF office building facing a pedestrian plaza, a 1000-car below-grade parking garage, and a new entrance gate. The office building, organized in several 4- and 6-story sections, wraps around the corner of Alameda Avenue and Buena Vista Street. The entrance façade features statues of the Seven Dwarfs, making reference to Disney’s first feature-length film and the founding of the company. The executive dining room, located in a central rotunda, is surrounded by a colorful mural of colliding patterns designed by Michael Graves and is furnished with custom-designed chairs and tabletop items featuring Mickey Mouse. With a mandate to make the company executives “smile on their way to work,” the project captured the spirit of entertainment for which the company is so well known.