1998 - 2000
Washington, DC, United States

When the Washington Monument needed major restoration work to combat years of weathering and aging, a public-private partnership of the National Park Service and Target Stores commissioned MGA to design the scaffolding and the interior observation and exhibit levels. The scaffolding, which followed the profile of the monument, was embellished with a blue semi-transparent architectural mesh fabric. The pattern of the mesh reflected, at an exaggerated scale, the running bond pattern of the monument’s stone facades and the mortar joints being repaired. The scaffolding installation thus told the story of the restoration. At night, the scaffolding was lit from within by hundred of lights so that the whole monument glowed. The project captured the public imagination and was so popular that other cities sought to have similar monuments. With a backdrop of colorful fireworks, the monument was also a highlight of the millennial celebration of 2000.