Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville, TN, United States

The U.S. Courthouse in Nashville, Tennessee, a GSA Design Excellence project, is located on Church Street in downtown Nashville. The building contains 11 courtrooms, including one district ceremonial courtroom, six district courtrooms, and four magistrate courtrooms, as well as offices for the U.S. Attorney, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Probation, U.S. Pretrial Service, and the GSA. The building is L-shaped in plan, with four courts per floor. Both the Courts and the architects saw the role that the public plays in the justice system as important and the design reflects this tenet. Areas used by the public, both jurors and visitors, are emphasized in the building massing. The project team created a design that outperforms expectations and goals for gross floor area, building efficiency ratio, functional relationships, security design, blast and progressive collapse, and energy consumption. The project will be certified as LEED-Silver.