2002 - 2006
Washington, DC, United States

The DOT headquarters, the first executive cabinet-level office building built in decades, consolidated 5,500 employees in one location. The developer won a competition for design-build delivery and leaseback to the government, and architectural design meeting GSA design excellence criteria. Spanning 2 blocks, the secure 2 million-SF complex is organized as 2 separate but similar office buildings. The 9-story west building contains the public entrance on New Jersey Avenue, a L’Enfant Plan boulevard within view of the Capitol. The buildings are connected below grade by parking and common facilities, and visually above grade by full-height atriums and a pedestrian court replacing 3rd Street. Landscaped pedestrian boulevards and plazas occupy perimeter security zones. Designed with sustainable design principles and LEED standards for energy usage, the project has one of the largest green roofs in eastern U.S. Daylighting and indoor air quality create superior working conditions despite the large floorplates.