2019 PARK(ing) Day Philly

2019 PARK(ing) Day Philly


A group of our summer interns and young designers have been hard at work to study the influence of technology on public space, especially as our lifestyles seem to become more and more dependent on it. As part one of a two-part design competition, our designers are participating in PARK(ing) Day Philadelphia, where they will construct a small community space to encourage community interaction and conversation.


The “BYOC” fits well in the community, providing space for those to spark up conversations and to relax.

The adjustable canopies on top of the “BYOC” structure allow the community to create their own space, by adjusting the amount of shade they would need.

From a bird’s eye-view, the draping canopies and the simplistic structure of the “BYOC” shows how the design gives back the space to the community.

The MGA&D team had a great time working to develop this Parklet design for the 2019 PARK(ing) Day Philadelphia event. We are excited to participate in future PARK(ing) Day events. You may see the “BYOC” near you!

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Want to learn more about PARK(ing) Day Philly? Please find resources below to more information on the event, and discover other organizations involved!

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