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We believe that architecture is inextricably tied to use, place, client aspirations and cultural traditions.  We also believe that the greatest buildings are those that cannot be imagined anywhere else in the world.  Thus, it is our mission to provide clients around the globe with highly functional, intuitive design solutions that are sensitive to an ever changing built environment in both scale and context.  We bring design excellence to all building types.

International Finance Corporation Headquarters

Interior Design

We believe interior design should reflect each client’s culture and communicate their values while meeting both their functional and aesthetic goals. Our projects range from company headquarters to international hotels to interiors for public institutions. Working in conjunction with MGA&D’s product designers, our interior designers often custom-design furniture and artwork that complement the character of the firm’s architecture and interiors.

Services Interior Design


We see planning as a vital part of the built landscape, a process that begins with the development of a hierarchical organization of spatial relationships between buildings and the surrounding built or natural context. Our master plans impart a distinct sense of community and place, while establishing a framework for current and future decisions. Throughout the world, we have created award-winning designs that are functional, efficient, site specific and sustainable.


Product Design

We provide complete, integrated product design services. We are well-known for designing products that deliver an inspired balance of form and function. We have brought over 2000 Michael Graves-branded consumer products to market across all retail distribution channels. Among our strategic branded partnerships are: Kimberly-Clark, Alessi, Target Stores, Stryker, JCPenney, Disney, Slice and Steuben.


Graphic Design

We provide complete graphic design services ranging from product-specific graphics and marketing collateral to retail Planogram layout and environmental graphics for a diverse client base. We have designed everything from watch faces, to restaurant logos, to environmental signage for the world’s largest integrated resort.



We have extensive experience in brand building – beginning with the management of our own consumer brand Michael Graves Design™. For our clients, our integrated team of industrial designers, graphic designers and brand managers provide extensive brand building services beginning with competitive, demographic and cost of entry research and concluding with viable brand extension strategies.

Design Research & Strategy

We are a multidisciplinary team of design thinkers, researchers and strategists that share a passion for delivering innovative solutions to prepare your business for the future. Our goal is to improve organizations through the effective integration of research, design principles and management strategies for economic, social and environmental benefit.

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