We are serious about fun.
At our annual company picnic, employees bring their families and the Summer Games are held. The highlight is the annual egg tossing championship. It is a BIG DEAL. If you ever need a ringer to stand in at your egg tossing event – we can be of service.

We are also serious about design. Our design process provides a road map for innovation – improving, evolving and inventing what’s next. And the people who work at MGA&D are critical to that process. Each one believes design should delight, touch all senses and evoke a positive response. It is a BIG DEAL – it is what inspires each one of us every day.

“An exquisite design solution should express the past, the present, and the future. It conveys a sense of timelessness.”

Donald Strum
Principal + Product Designer

We combine a healthy dose of purpose with personality to bring designs and solutions to life.

“Design is the art. Humanism is the pillar on which it stands.”

Linda Kinsey
Principal + Marketing and Business Development

“Design excellence is simple and holistic. It is an enduring elegance that, to the beneficiary, appears effortless.”

Rob Van Varick
Principal + Product Designer

“Businesses value creativity, collaboration and emotional intelligence. With rapid shifts in the world, design is critical to finding the solutions and paths forward.”

Ben Wintner
Principal + Marketing and Business Development

“Architecture is a visual language and I enjoy translating that language for others, including clients and the public, who may not be familiar with its cadence.”

Matt Ligas
Associate Principal + Architect

“Design transforms everything – cultures, businesses, lives.”

James Wisniewski
Associate Principal + Architect

“Graphic Design transcends mediums. Whether in the built environment or on a printed page, it creates an emotional connection with the viewer. “

Steph Pryor
Art Director

“It is important to inspire and support the artisans on every project as they bring an interior designer’s vision to life.”

Julie Yurasek
Director of Interior Design