Ergonomics of the Human Mind

Ergonomics of the Human Mind

How does storytelling influence product design?

A designer of systems, processes and artifacts, Vijay Chakravarthy, IDSA, applies design as a strategy to envision and facilitate meaningful outcomes.

MGA&D’s Vijay Chakravarthy, Senior Designer of Research and Strategy recently presented a lecture: “Ergonomics of the Human Mind” at the IDSA 2016 International Conference in Detroit, Michigan.

What goes on in our heads when we make decisions? What is intuition? What constitutes the thinking-self? Why do we like a good story? What constitutes human experience? What constitutes a pleasurable experience? What role does the human mind play in all this?

In his lecture, Vijay shares his search for answers through an examination into the world of cognitive psychology and behavioral ergonomics. By utilizing both ergonomics and ethnographic research as it relates to the psychological and behavioral dimension, Vijay’s goal is to design better experiences by way of utilizing a scientific approach to decision-making, psychology and behavior.

Check out his 18:00 minute lecture on his LinkedIn or watch the video below.

Video credit: Hina Shahid

Tags: empathy, humanism, Holistic Perspective, inclusive design, IDSA, Conferences, Design Research & Strategy, Design Thinking
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