MGA&D 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

MGA&D 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift of Design

One of the best things about working at MGA&D is that staff can order items directly from our business partners. It gives us the chance to share our work with family and friends so they can enjoy the wonderful items we have put so much love into designing. I thought it would be fun to share the most popular items that were ordered by our staff this year. All of these items would make great gifts to give to someone (or for you . . . I won’t tell!).


[row][one_half][dropcap letter= “1.” icon= “none” type= “letter” size= “big” color= “#d22630” animation_type= “fadeIn” ]This year the hot item from our Alessi line of products was the tea infuser! We here at MGA&D are avid tea drinkers and are big fans of the Harney and Sons Fine Teas. Our office favorite flavor by them is a wonderful black tea called Paris, which does come in a loose tea if you are interested in checking it out. Any loose tea would pair wonderfully with this adorable little birdie tea infuser.

The next most popular item ordered was the Black and Metallic Tea Rex kettle released this year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original design. That adorable little red birdie turned into a pretty powerful, yet still sweet dragon when it turned 30. Who wouldn’t want this shiny little dragon calling you to get your tea time on. I can’t wait to see what it transforms into to celebrate 50 years![/dropcap][/one_half][one_half][flex_slider animation= “slide” auto_slide= “yes” slide_interval= “5000”][flex_slide image= “6396” video= “”][flex_slide image= “6392” video= “”][/flex_slider][/one_half][/row]

Projects Watches

[row][one_half][dropcap letter= “2.” icon= “none” type= “letter” size= “big” color= “#d22630” animation_type= “fadeIn” ]We also couldn’t go without getting some new watches from Projects Watches. There was a wider spread of favorites from our staff this year but the classic Witherspoon style watch in its various color ways was the clear winner! This watch is flattering on anyone in the unisex size or in the women’s size.

The other style that was popular was the Cubit watch. The traditional blue color was equally matched by its more architectural version STEEL.

I’ve also seen what our designers have been working on for 2016 and the new watches coming out are going to be very fun. I can’t wait to see the final designs they choose![/dropcap][/one_half][one_half][flex_slider animation= “slide” auto_slide= “yes” slide_interval= “5000”][flex_slide image= “6401” video= “”][flex_slide image= “6393” video= “”][flex_slide image= “6394” video= “”][/flex_slider][/one_half][/row]

Slice Beauty Products

[row][one_half][dropcap letter= “3.” icon= “none” type= “letter” size= “big” color= “#d22630” animation_type= “fadeIn” ]No round of holiday shopping is complete without thinking of great stocking stuffers! All of the items we have designed with Slice are really top notch. I am not even saying that because I work here, they really are! I ordered more sharpeners and tweezers for myself in the great new colors released this year. Company-wide the cosmetic sharpener and the combo tip tweezers were the most popular items. The original red color was the most popular (maybe because it matches the holiday season), followed by pink then purple.[/dropcap][/one_half][one_half][flex_slider animation= “slide” auto_slide= “yes” slide_interval= “5000”][flex_slide image= “6403” video= “”][flex_slide image= “6404” video= “”][/flex_slider][/one_half][/row]


Cheers to you all and Happy Holidays!


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