MGA&D receives 3 GOOD DESIGN Awards

MGA&D receives 3 GOOD DESIGN Awards

GOOD Design Awards

Michael Graves Architecture & Design is pleased to announce that we have been recognized with three GOOD DESIGN awards for 2017. The Mado Watch and the Scallop Watch, both for Projects Watches were recognized in the personal category, while the Teorema collection of nonstick cookware for TVS was recognized in the household category.

“To be recognized with a GOOD DESIGN award is always something that you highly value,” says Donald Strum, Principal of MGA&D. “To have two watches plus a set of cookware all earn recognition is a tribute to the diversity of our clients and the commissions that we earn. We are proud of the talent and efforts of our entire design team, so we greatly appreciate when an organization as important as The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design recognizes them as well.”

To be recognized with a GOOD DESIGN award is always something that you highly value.”-Donald Strum

Mado Watch

Black Mado Watch in multiple angles.


By placing the square black dial, with its unique engraving pattern, into the circular brushed stainless steel bezel, the watch transforms separate circle and square forms into a connected duality. The watch dial is punctuated by high-contrast, brushed stainless steel stamped numerals (taken from a drawing found in Michael Graves’ sketchbook) that appear to hover within the crystal lens; with the hands marking time just below them.

The “square peg in a round hole” idiom is a fitting description for the MADO watch because it artfully communicates the individuality that we all yearn to express. When seen on a wrist, the design offers a fresh three dimensional approach to the act of telling time.  Time becomes immediate, focused, and magnified.

Click here to learn more about the Mado Watch.

Scallop Watches

Scallop Watches in celadon, lavender, and rose gold.


With its symmetrical rigor and shell-like geometry, the Scallop Watch showcases a modern application of the guilloche technique, a method of engraving used on high-end jewelry and Faberge eggs that dates back to the 17th century. It is relatively rare to see the Guilloche technique used on the entire face of a watch and to achieve this design a new method of creating the historic pattern had to be invented.  The results achieve the same distinctive and hypnotic guilloche pattern, but at a modest price point.  The Scallop watch took three years to come to market due to technical challenges that had to be overcome in order to achieve its original design intent – capture the flow and form of the undulating growth rings as hour indicators for the dial of the watch.

Click here to learn more about the Scallop Watch.

TVS Teorema Collection


When it comes to great cookware, so much comes down to the handle. The unique profile of the Teorema handle forms a cradle that gives the hand a natural resting spot for better grip and balance. The same cradle also holds cooking utensils. For the bodies, we designed simple, yet eye-catching curves. The single rivet connection of the body to the handle is robust and secure, and draws proportion from the punched-out hanging holes of the long handled pans. The borosilicate glass lids make it easy to see the cooking process, while the stainless steel lid handles are easy to grip and feature the same cradle that holds cooking utensils.

Click here to learn more about the Teorema Collection.


Now in its 67th year, Good Design is the oldest and one of the most distinguished design awards programs in the world. Founded in Chicago by former MoMa curator Edgar Kaufmann Jr., along with such pioneers in modern design as Charles and Ray Eames and Russel Wright, Good Design honors the annual achievements of the best industrial and graphic designers and world manufacturers for their pursuit of extraordinary design excellence.

Winners are selected from among thousands of submissions from leading manufacturers and industrial and graphic design firms from around the world, representing the most important and influential corporations worldwide in the design industry from over 48 countries.

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