Here at Michael Graves Design, we love a good product and appreciate good design. When it comes to gift giving, there is no exception. Each year we love to put together a gift guide for you and this year we are making two: one is the best products designed by us and available this holiday season, the other is gifts we did not design, but perhaps wish we had! This post is the former.

We love to gift our designs and have a lot of pride in sharing them with our loved ones. Below you will find our products in order of our most gifted items.

Our number one all-time favorite design to gift is none other than the all-time best-selling product for Alessi, the 9093 Whistling Bird Tea Kettle. This beautiful Italian made tea kettle is crafted in 18/10 stainless steel and has a mirror polished finish. It’s famous bird shaped whistle is sure to bring a smile to your face when your water starts to boil. The magnetic steel bottom is also suitable for induction cooking, so you can gift worry free. This very kettle has been in many kitchens around the world, from the Obama’s to Vogue magazine. Coming in at number two and number three are a couple more Alessi items from the Michael Graves collection: The Alessi Tea Rex and the Alessi Tea Infuser. The Tea Rex and the Tea infuser were designed to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the original Whistling Bird Tea Kettle. For the tea lover in your life, any and all of these are a must!

Next on our list are a couple of new items for the Michael Graves and architecture enthusiast. Newly released, this colored pencil set made by Princeton Architectural Press is inspired by Michael Graves personal palette. This pairs perfectly with the official Michael Graves biography Design for Life by Ian Volner. This insightful biography is based on Ian Volner’s own interviews with the legendary architect and designer.

Our next two gift items are about sleep and if you haven’t heard yet, these will change your life. Now, this is a gift guide but make sure you get one of these for yourself as well. The original masters of sleep, Marpac came to us to bring their sound machines into the 21st century and, not to brag but, boy did we. These beautifully reimagined sound machines are for exactly what everyone in your life needs: better sleep. Just read the reviews. Anywhere. Our two favorites are the Marpac Whish, so cute, and the Dohm Elite, designed in a variety of colors for everyone, but I encourage you to check out the whole collection.

These next products are notable for taking an incredibly practical and functional product and elevating it to be giftable. Slice Combo Tip Tweezer, Slanted Tweezers, and the Nail Clippers are the best in the category. The craftsmanship is unparalleled featuring professional grade stainless steel, soft-touch rubberized non-slip finish and 100% sanitizable materials. If you needed another reason to exclusively use these personal grooming products, Slice donates a minimum 1% of corporate worldwide sales to various autism research programs that have global ramifications for families and individuals that live with autism daily.

Returning to the kitchen, these products are not just good-looking design but incredible user experience design. The Polder Composter and Under Sink Organizer feature the results of extensive user research. The composter is a lightweight and portable design that allows the waste contents to be easily transferred into a larger, outdoor composter, simply by inverting the flexible silicone bin. Simple, elegant and never requiring hands to get dirty. The Polder Under Sink Storage Caddy is loaded with unique and innovative features and benefits. Its greatest value is in its versatility. While in the cabinet, the caddy organizes a typically underutilized, messy area. Since the Caddy is not mounted within the cabinet, it doubles as a cleaning caddy already loaded with supplies used anywhere in the house. Finally, the Evo Oil Sprayer. The EVO advanced trigger sprayer can deliver never-before-available atomization of viscous cooking oils. No chemical propellants, no pumping to build up the pressure. Just squeeze and spray. The elegant bottle looks great on your countertop and comes in various sizes.

For 30 years, the Markuse Corporation has dedicated itself to celebrating the role that architecture and design play in daily lives. MGA&D has designed dozens of wristwatches, alarm clocks, wall clocks, mailboxes, weather vanes, house numbers, and bath accessories for Projects. One of our favorite watches is the Grand Tour. The Grand Tour is reminiscent of Graves’s years of studying in Rome when he perfected his painting and architecture. In essence, it was his grand tour of his second home….Italy. This watch is great for that someone that travels often and loves to keep both timelines on their wrist.

From all of us at Michael Graves Design, we hope your gifts are full of purpose and personality, and your holidays are full of joy.

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