Now we’re cookin’!

Now we’re cookin’!

MGA&D Product Design Team

MGA&D is pleased to announce a new product design partnership with the highly regarded Italian cookware company TVS.  The contract ink is barely dry and the design team is hard at work on its first collection of cookware designs to come to market in over a decade.  TVS prides itself on its innovative technology and manufacturing processes – so our cookware pieces are sure to exceed expectations with respect to functionality.  And of course, the Michael Graves Design team of product designers (Principals Donald Strum and Rob VanVarick and Design Director, Yuka Midorikawa) will ensure that our legendary style is an important part of the mix.

Principal and lead project designer Donald Strum notes, “We’re so jazzed to work with TVS on a new line of cookware and we’re honored to take a place among their roster of renowned design partners that include, among others, Matteo Thun and Alberto Maeda.  The materials and manufacturing methods they employ enable us to be very creative and innovative in our design exploration.  We look forward to sharing our new line at Ambiente Frankfurt in February.”

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