Season 2:

Episode 10

August 31, 2021

75 Park Lane with Phillip Gesue

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This week we’ll be talking to Phillip Gesue, the Chief Development Officer at Strategic Capital, a Jersey City-based development company that is a subsidiary of China Construction America. In this week’s episode, we will discuss how a 37 story high-rise, located just steps from the Hudson River, is set to become the city’s landmark condominium residence.

We will be speaking with him about how he has been involved with the architectural design and development of 75 Park Lane, his career at Strategic Capital, as well as how his team has implemented a number of technologies to increase energy efficiency and reduce the building’s waste. We will also discuss the buyer segment of Chinese nationals and Chinese Americans and how that has become intertwined with the macro-level topic of immigration in the greater New York City area.


About Phillip Gesue

Phillip Gesue is the Chief Development Officer at Strategic Capital (the New Jersey-based investment arm of China Construction America (CCA), a subsidiary of state-controlled Chinese builder CSCEC), where he had previously served as head of real estate. As a Columbia University graduate of the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation with an MS in Real Estate Development and Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Economics from University of Pittsburgh, Phillip is an expert in the field. He is also a board member of New York’s Art Omi International Arts Center.

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