This innovative 10,000 SF office and clinic is the headquarters and main business branch for a major South Jersey orthopaedics practice. The building utilizes a “patient first” approach to design that involved a close collaboration with the key head-doctors of the practice. Lean design principles are focused on continuous improvement by a carefully examining the organization’s current method of operations in order to eliminate waste, optimize the practice’s efficiency, and enhance the patient experience.

The project was executed utilizing an “Integrated Project Delivery” method, where the architect coordinated closely with the developer and the design-build contractor. This IPD team performed comparative cost and schedule analysis for systems and materials while simultaneously identifying portions of the work that could be fast-tracked. The project team’s close collaboration was key to the project’s successful completion both on schedule and on budget.

Full Service Solutions

MGA&D Full Service Solutions

Design Drivers



This innovative design utilizes a “patient first” approach based on “lean design principles” and involved close collaboration with Shore Orthopaedic, in particular the head doctor Stephen J. Zabinski, M.D.  Lean design principles are focused on the process of continuous improvement based upon a careful examination of an organization’s current method of operations.

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Eliminate operational waste and improve patient experience

ShoreOrtho Icons

Streamline daily operations through design

ShoreOrtho Icons

Make treatment more cost effective, faster, higher quality

ShoreOrtho Icons

Build in flexibility for future changes and growth

Enhance the Patient Experience

“ We strive to combine today’s most modern technology with a commitment to continually improve our level of care in order to meet our number one goal: getting you back to what you love to do.™”

– Shore Orthopaedic University Associates

Building Design

Floor Plan

  • shore_planicon01 Main Entrance
  • shore_planicon02 Public Space
  • shore_planicon03 Exam Room
  • shore_planicon04 Physical Therapy
  • shore_planicon05 Doctor Office
  • shore_planicon06 Staff/Physician Assistant Office
  • shore_planicon07 Administration

Shore Orthopaedic Floor Plan

The floor plan is organized by a clear circulation system of 5-foot wide corridors that differentiate the patient and staff zones, and ensure privacy (exceeding HIPAA standards) and efficiency for both. Natural light throughout the building conveys a sense of transparency and openness. Controlled views to the outside, especially to a private semi-enclosed garden, create a sense of well being. Physical therapy facilities feature large windows with a view to the garden and an outdoor therapy terrace.

Public Lobby Features

Shore Orthopaedic Floor Plan

Brand Identity

Multidisciplinary strategic planning creates seamless brand identity. The Umbrella of Strategic Planning creates a businesse’s brand identity utilizing a full business package model that was critical in developing the Shore Orthopaedic image.

Shore Orthopaedic Logo

Responsive Web design

Responsive Web Design

Print Marketing

Shore Orthopaedic Marketing Brochures



MGA&D developed a series of clinician videos highlighting each doctors’ specialty and personal bio. The facilities overview and practice videos emphasize ShoreOrtho’s long-standing commitment to orthopaedic medicine.