Cosmetics Storage System
Cosmetics Storage System

Cosmetics Storage System


Project Overview

Working with longtime client Polder, Michael Graves Design designed a new cosmetics storage system called Glamour Grids that offer a fresh, functional, aesthetic, and material alternative to the sea of mundane acrylic cosmetics storage boxes in today’s market. Modular in design, Glamour Grids are customizable to fit each user’s lifestyle. Before putting pencil to paper, we did consumer research to determine people’s preferences and problems in dealing with storage of daily use cosmetics. This research led to insights related to modularity and functional improvements. The leading goals for the program are flexibility, compartmentability, portability, cleanability, & countertopability. Glamour Grids are the result of these insights. First, we determined that some people store their cosmetics in hard sided containers while others keep them in a cosmetics bag. Next, we learned some people display their cosmetics out on a dressing table, while others put them away in a drawer or medicine cabinet. Many people spoke of needing to take cosmetics with them on the go. Glamour Grids needed to address all of these scenarios. The result of the project are simple, elegant modular solutions that work together in configurations personalized for each users need.

Medicine Cabinet

For many who use the medicine cabinet for storage, the three-inch depth creates a real constraint as to what containers will work. We designed to this module to enable universal accessibility.


People who apply makeup at a dressing table often have the space to leave out their storage devices and want them to look great, while also making their makeup routine efficient. Clear acrylic bins simply don’t make the cut for many consumers.

In Drawer

In drawer storage is becoming more and more popular for cosmetic storage as bathrooms are redone including full vanities. The height and depth requirements of these drawers limit many of the cosmetic items that can be kept there.


Cosmetics bags that can be used at home or on the go, while also making it possible to stay organized are sorely needed on the market.

Original Forms and Materials

Intelligent personal cosmetic storage using open structure design instead of solid plastic boxes. These high-grade materials offer the internal visibility of acrylic but with a timeless, functional design.

Multi-Setting Functionality

Glamour Grids are sized for use in any home situation, and can be used in medicine cabinets, on the dressing table, in the drawer, or on the go.

Optimal Sizing

The size range of the grid storage was retail benchmarked to cover all ranges of cosmetics including brushes, pencils, eyeliner, lipsticks, pallets, compacts, polishes and needed accessories storage space.

Customizable Design

Several Glamour Grids have adjustable internal dividers that allow for adjusting and retaining to the user’s individual cosmetics storage needs.

Inspired Elegant Forms

The design language inspiration for Glamour Grids is the volumetric building grids developed in late 20th century architecture. We utilized elemental shapes and forms to offer a range of containers that coordinate to prop up the widest assortment of cosmetics. The bent stamped metals and fluted, frosted cast resins integrate with warmer residential bathroom hardware, bedroom finishes, and jewelry. Glamour Grids provides aspirational sophistication with a system that looks chic enough to be a decorative objet while providing smartly designed compartments to flexibly store and access ones makeup.

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