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Project Overview

Schwinn Hardware, a global leader in the technology, design, and manufacture of furniture hardware, invited Michael Graves Architecture & Design to participate in its Originals Collection, along with other legends of design. For the designers and architects of MGA&D, there is no detail too small, with hardware providing the important finishing details of our work. While the language of design and architecture is constantly changing and evolving, we believe the best work is timeless. For our contributions to the Originals Collection, our goal was to combine beauty and usefulness in unique ways, with each design united by a sense of timelessness. We contributed four different designs with knob and pull options.

Design 1: Racetrack

For our racetrack design, we were inspired by Greek and Roman leather protection breastplates. We utilized the strength and durability of pigmented leather held together with iron stud rivets to create a toned-down furniture connection detail. Strong and unique with a soft touch point that will get better with age, this hardware is great for a range of interior furniture and cabinet uses.

Design 2: Taco

By gently arcing an ellipsoidal flat metal disc in a downward direction, the modern essence of furniture hardware is created with the design we affectionally named Taco. This design is beautiful and highly functional. No more, no less. Fingertips have comfortable access, while the back plate of the ellipsoid functions as a guard to protect furniture from the oils found in fingers.

Design 3: Balcony

Our Balcony pull and knob design references “cup pull” hardware from a bygone era commonly found on bank furniture. Constructed with a metal curving touch point platform that cantilevers outward from a well-supported back plate, Balcony provides an updated take on a classic detail.

Design 4: Peg

Peg is a “reductive” design that explores the most elemental of extruded circular tubes that define furniture hardware. Offered only in polished chrome, Peg gets to the essence of quality, strength, and presence with its pulls and knobs that substantiate any drawer or door.

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