Shore Orthopaedic Clinic
Shore Orthopaedic Clinic
Somers Point, New Jersey

Shore Orthopaedic Clinic

Somers Point, New Jersey

Efficiencies Through Lean Design Principles

In a competitive market for orthopaedic services, Shore Ortho sought a building that would be attractive to patients and communicate the quality of the physicians’ practice. Using lean design principles. MGA&D streamlined daily operations, which made treatment most cost effective and faster and benefitted both patients and practitioners.  MGA&D’s graphic design team strengthened Shore Ortho’s brand identity through fixed and digital signage, print graphics and website design.

Project Details

Project Market(s):


Project Service(s):

Master Planning

Architectural Design

Interior Design


Somers Point, New Jersey


11,300 SF

Completion Date:


Project Lead(s):

Thomas P. Rowe, AIA

James Wisniewski, AIA


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