The Metro and The Grand
The Metro and The Grand
West New York, New Jersey

The Metro and The Grand

West New York, New Jersey

Stitching Together a Community

West New York was once known as the “Embroidery Capital of the World”.  Industrial embroidery was brought to the region by Swiss immigrants in the early 1900’s and quickly flourished.  In honor of this rich industrial artform, a new pair of 14-story residential towers will help “stitch” 51st and 52nd streets together, replacing a large surface parking lot with an elegant and active intra-block pedestrian connection.  Glass lobbies will line each street and the pedestrian walk to create a dynamic and safe experience for residents, the public and users of a new multi-story municipal garage.

Variously toned copper panels will dance and weave up the tower facades as if embroidered patterns within the richly textured blade cut brick.  These towers will rise above the historic Bergenline Avenue buildings to enjoy spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline.  Rooftop amenities and garden terraces will take further advantage of these views, providing a wonderful opportunity for this residential community to either chill, exercise, or celebrate.

Project Details

Project Market(s):


Project Service(s):

Architectural Design

Interior Design

Professional Credits:


Jose Carballo Architectural Group

Sordoni Construction

Christie Engineering

KEA Engineers


West New York, New Jersey


312 Dwelling Units plus Amenities

323,300 SF

Completion Date:

The Grand, 2023

The Metro, 2024

Project Lead(s):

Robert Blaser, AIA

Robert Pivovarnick, AIA

Austin Crowley, AIA

Kyrie Martin, AIA

Megan Luce (Interiors)

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