Yantai Resort Master Plan
Yantai Resort Master Plan
Yantai, China

Yantai Resort Master Plan

Yantai, China

A Year-Round Resort in the Landscape

Since the site divides into three zones based on the terrain, MGA&D sited various activities according to their relation to nature. The south mountainous region is well suited for a four-seasons outdoor action park and a rugged mountain resort. The central valley, with its natural water course, is developed as a wetlands park and natural science center. The more gently sloped area to the north is used for more densely developed facilities such as a five-star resort hotel and club, and retail and restaurants arrayed along a vibrant retail street.

Destination Hot Springs Spa

A secluded spa is conceived as a destination for relaxation and recreation, taking advantage of the naturally occurring thermal springs at Yantai. Many cultures have traditions for indigenous hot springs, often bringing a spiritual aspect to the communal social ritual.  With the spa consultant Under a Tree, MGA&D envisioned several spa experiences from around the world using natural landscape and man-made pools.

Project Details

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Project Service(s):

Master Planning

Resort Development

Professional Credits:

Spa Consultant Under a Tree


Yantai, China


95 hectares (950,000 square meters)

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Project Lead(s):

Patrick Burke, FAIA

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