A Resilient Residence Along the NJ Coast

A Resilient Residence Along the NJ Coast

MGA&D's design of the Meyer Residence in Monmouth Beach, NJ

The Wall Street Journal features Michael Graves Architecture & Design’s resilient and sustainable post-Hurricane Sandy residence sited along the NJ coast.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a feature story entitled: After a Disaster, Families Rebuild an Even Better House Superstorm that showcases several residential homes that were destroyed and now rebuilt post-hurricane Sandy. For MGA&D’s client Bill Meyer, Sandy drastically changed his 2,000 SF ranch home in Monmouth Beach, NJ, when it split the foundation in two. The home is now being designed and rebuilt as a 6,000 SF contemporary home with two master bedrooms and several decks.

The design made it handicapped accessible in case the need arose in the future. The home itself, with its many windows and light wells, offers guests a strong connection between the inside and the outside, including the surrounding views and community. The beach inspired, colorful theme includes bright colors and playful elements that are visible from the home’s front façade and are introduced into interior spaces.

Tags: Residential, Transformation, Sustainability, Architecture
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