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425 Westchester Ave Interactive App


We developed a real estate app, an interactive tool that is useful for real estate developers and adaptable for potential tenants. We used a mixed-use building that we designed at 425 Westchester Avenue in Bronx, New York, as an example.

The app is able to showcase the property and its site context in a fully interactive 3D model. It includes information pertaining to zoning, area calculations, surrounding businesses, public transportation, and more. The entire site and surroundings can be explored. We can add information related to public transportation and other areas of interest that the client requests.

The building itself is fully interactive. Floors can be individually selected and highlighted to showcase any information the client might need. In this model, every floor of the building displays the floor plan as well as detailed information related to the area calculations. As needed, you can also view interior and exterior renderings as well as interior walkthroughs. This is a fully interactive app that runs on Windows 10 desktop.

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