• “Michael Graves Design products don’t feel extruded. They feel “bespoke”. They’re memorable. They make the ordinary extraordinary.”

    Michael R. Francis, Fairview Associates, LLC (former Target CMO, 2001-2011)
  • "The architecture is both functional and beautiful. Having access to such a facility strongly influenced my decision to join the Department of Physics and Astronomy at TAMU.”

    Dave Lee, Professor of Physics, Texas A&M University, 1996 Nobel Laureate
  • “People don’t always know why they like Michael Graves Design Products but they do. It’s because Michael Graves Design products surprise people. That’s what their products always do.”

    Mike Steffler, Vice President, Global Research, Development and Innovation, Stryker
  • “MGA&D always focused on providing the highest quality professional design services. The final design reflects their ability to convert a wide variety of programmatic needs into a superior building project.”

    Maurice D. Parrish, Executive Vice President, The Detroit Institute of Arts
  • “Michael Graves Design products transcend die-hard modern and die-hard traditional design. They are uniquely positioned. That sets them apart from other brands.”

    Eric Erickson, VP Creative Director, Target (1992-2010)
  • “I have known [Michael Graves Architecture & Design] for over 25 years and truly believe they are among the finest architects practicing today. Each project was extremely successful and exemplary of our Design Excellence Program. The firm and the design were outstanding!”

    Edward A. Feiner, Former Chief Architect, US General Services Administration

Honors and Acknowledgments

In addition to more than twenty five Good Design Awards bestowed by The Chicago Athenaeum, MGA&D has won numerous IDEA Awards from the Industrial Designers society of America for a variety of products designed for Target including the original “Pop Art” toaster, the cordless hanging wall phone, the paper shredder and most recently, the flexible desk lamp. ID Magazine has also acknowledged MGA&D with awards for the Alessi Peppermill, carpet designs for Vorwerk, a hammered silver candy dish for Swid Powell and the “Prep.E” kitchen prep set for Dansk, among others.